So Coinbase is shutting down their tip button

The last post I wrote was literally promoting the Coinbase Tip button and today I read they are shutting it down and backing ChangeTip. ChangeTip is using their API and the general explanation was they haven’t seen enough traction so it doesn’t make sense to compete.

If you haven’t read the article click here.

As I said in a ZapChain comment earlier, its ok to back out of a service once… but twice, its shame on the developers who continue to use a service that abandons products. ZapChain a new bitcoin community a frequent often has heavily integrated the Coinable Tip button into their site. People were using it and I really liked how it worked within the community.

I personally am going to look to BitPay for future payments because I know that service is its core competency. Will Coinbase want to stay in the business of accepting bitcoin payments online? Or do they solely want to be a wallet and exchange?

I love Coinbase and will continue using their wallet and when the exchange launches in Florida I will trade on their platform. However, it never hurts to voice a concern. The funny part is, I looked at ChangeTip and the Coinbase Tip button at the same time before writing my last post, and I didn’t want to go with ChangeTip. I will definitely give it a second more thoughtful look now.