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  • New PGP Keys

    October 16, 2021

    I’ve added new PGP keys for, you can find the public key here.

  • Hosting the Bitcoin Whitepaper

    March 09, 2021

    My website now and forever will be hosting the bitcoin whitepaper.

  • Life Lessons Part 1

    July 05, 2016

    I’m beginning writing the lessons I have learned throughout my life for the possibility that I will not be able to teach these lessons to my son. This will also help me build a framework of lessons to teach him and not forget to do so! These lessons are in no particular order and I’ll hopefully write many more posts like this in the future.

  • Photo Management Workflow

    July 04, 2016

    Happy Fourth of July!

  • App Store Changes

    June 14, 2016

    This post comes a little late as I wrote it last week and the WWDC keynote was today.

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